Felix Solis

Félix Solís, S.A. was started in 1952 in Valdepeñas, Spain by D. Félix Solís Fernández. The Solís family had been involved in the wine trade since the 19th Century through the Camino Real, linking Madrid and Andalusia.

Throughout its history the winery has focused on full respect for tradition and thousand-year-old vine cultivation in perfect harmony with the use of the latest technological developments. Félix Solís owns about 1,000 hectares of vineyards, where grapes are harvested by hand at the time of optimum ripeness. In addition, the company purchases the fruit of more than 4,500 independent grape growers.Félix Solís offers wines of great quality, which are also very competitive thanks to use of the latest technology available and the potential of the grape varieties used. Brands like Viña Albali maintain the spirit of those wines that the Solís family used to serve important figures such as Luis Miguel Dominguín or Alfredo Di Stéfano, among others, combined with the latest designs and adapting wines to new tastes and each specific market.

The Solís family takes its entrepreneurial spirit to the extreme by reinvesting most of the profits in building new cellars, continuously reforming their production facilities and expanding their logistics and commercial network.

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