Includes: Pacherenc Bouscasse Blanc Chateau Bouscasse Rouge Chateau Montus Rouge Chateau Bouscasse Vielle Vigne Chateau Montus Prestige A great tribute from a winegrower with exceptional standards of which Alain Brumont is very proud, as it illustrates the perfect timing with which Alain Brumont works his vineyard. Brumont vineyards are the expression of exceptional terroirs and very old outstanding local grape varieties. Alain Brumont, extraordinary winegrower, has never ceased to develop these terroirs and the grape varieties of his region, for which he has been rewarded and has placed him in the same category as some of the greatest winegrowers in the world. Today, thanks to this passionate and visionary man, creator of a unique style, his wines represent the generous Gascogne and the Pyrenees altogether imposing and delicate. Today, nobody doubts his success, which marks the winegrower world.